constant quality - through the latest and state-of-the-art adhesive preparation techniques as well as slitting, converting and printing processes we are in the position to offer products of highest quality.

we also pay particular attention to production materials and processes in accordance with environmental protection requirements.


Through the latest coating and state - of - the - art adhesive preparation techniques we are in the position to offer high quality products at competitive prices.

We produce our self-adhesive-tapes on backing material PVC, Polypropylene (BOPP) and Paper for packaging, masking and various technical applications.

Our main product is Polypropylene (BOPP) self-adhesive tape, which can be coated with three different kinds of adhesive/technologies in the same production site:

  •  Natural rubber/solvent
  •  Synthetic rubber/hotmelt
  •  Acrylic dispersion (waterbased)


Fully automatic slitting and winding lines allow an efficient and flexible processing to standard as well as special sizes.


Our wide range of products guarantees a complete, fast and professional response to all your needs.

All tapes and paper rolls are manufactured in different qualities and sizes and can be wrapped or packed in customized design to meet all our partners´requirements for usage in the industrial, retail and DIY areas.


Our state-of-the art printing departments enable us to supply self-adhesive products as well as paper rolls with customer designed prints and advertising logos.