In accordance to our customer´s requirements we manufacture paper rolls in various qualities  in standard applications as well as individually for nearly every end use. 

All paper products are avaiable in all merchantable / commercial dimensions and sizes of which neutral and printed versions can be produced.

range of applications

  • P.O.S and electronic data systems (thermosensitive paper rolls)
  • Measuring, weighing and recording systems
  • Banking business and traffic management
  • CAD, drawing and grafic-art-area
  • Retail and handycraft
  • Individual solutions for industry and manufacture



thermosensitive paperrolls

Whether at the supermarket, at the retail store or at gastronomic area, receipts are indispensable and their possible uses are virtually inexhaustible.

Manufactured of standard or individually coordinated thermo paper qualities, BPA-free.

THERMOsensitive paperrolls printed

Thermorolls for all types of calculator and cash register systems with imprints for advertising and information. 

Single and multiweb.

measuring, weighing and recording systems

The combination of paper technique and microchip power allows an inexhaustible recording and reproduction of datas.

Whatever you have measured and calculated is recorded by our special papers in highest quality.

  • Paper rolls for printers, calculators, weighing machines, regulation and measuring instruments.

banking business and traffic management

  • EC / cash rolls, credit card rolls, terminal rolls.
  • Coin wrap rolls, money bundling bows.

The documents used in the transport industry have to satisfy stringent requirements. Excellent printability, maximum security, extreme stability and durability are the yardsticks of our work.

  • Car parking tickets in roll
  • Metallized paper rolls for petrol service stations
  • EU tachograph discs.


Large formatic inkjetpapers of high quality for perfect inkjetprints as well as copy papers.

  • Plot rolls and PPC-rolls for CAD / drawing- and graphic art area as well as for printing of posters.

retail and handycraft

  • Masking paper in roll in various sizes and thicknesses for painters and varnishers.

INDIVIDUal solutions for industry and manufacture

Paper roll solutions in accordance to our customers requirements.

Paper widths from 10mm to 1.300mm with a maximum outside diameter of about 1.000mm can be produced.

  • Flower wrapping paper
  • Countingpaperstrips for paper mills
  • (Thermosensitive) paper bows
  • Punched / perforated paper rolls


We kindly respond to yours individual requirements and advise you about our manufacture possibilities of sortiment paper solutions.